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Ambulatory Eye Surgery Center of Louisiana is a freestanding, outpatient surgical facility providing a full range of eye procedures. We dedicated to caring for residents of New Orleans and nearby communities.

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Thank you for choosing Ambulatory Eye Surgery Center of Louisiana. Please call your physician’s office to schedule your procedure, cancel your procedure, follow up on results and for any urgent after hours concerns.

Patient Forms

At Ambulatory Eye Surgery Center of Louisiana, your time is as valuable to us as it is to you. That's why we provide online access to a variety of forms that patients may complete before their visit.

Insurance and Billing

You will receive an easy to understand bill for the services provided at Ambulatory Eye Surgery Center of Louisiana. You will also receive separate bills from you surgeon and the anesthesia services company. Co-insurance and deductibles are due on the day of surgery.


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Femtosecond Laser Offers Sharper Edge in Cataract Surgery

Femtosecond lasers are particularly effective for cataract surgery because they can tightly focus energy to make precise incisions of uniform length and depth.

Statin Use and Cataract Formation

According to the Canadian Journal of Cardiology, statin use may increase your risk for developing cataracts.

Low Blood Pressure Linked to Glaucoma?

We all know that high blood pressure is dangerous to our health, but did you know that low blood pressure could also be a cause for concern? New studies show that low blood pressure could put you at risk for glaucoma.